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S T R U C T U R A L   E N G I N E E R I N G   S O F T W A R E

Over a 30 year period, DCALC Software was written by myself as a design aid for structural engineers. Practically all the programs were developed to automate the design of structures I designed during my career: bridges, buildings, parking structures, walls, tanks...even wooden buildings. The objective of DCALC has been simple: To produce calculations that an engineer can check (as opposed to "black box" results). Over the years, I have heard much advise - and praise - from structural engineers who use the program. I would like to thank all the engineers who have used DCALC, especially those of you who offered improvements. 

Unfortunately, as a one-man-operation, the time has come to begin winding down the business operation. For existing customers, DCALC has been converted to a perpetual license that will run as long as it is maintained. If your firm is a licensed DCALC user, you can contact support@designcalcs.com  and request instructions for downloading a perpetual version of DCALC. In addition, instructions for installing DCALC on a "virtual machine" using Oracle's VirtualBox will be provided (In effect, a virtual machine is a simulated computer within a host operating system. A virtual machine setup provides a permanent solution for running proven legacy applications on future Windows operating systems.)

- Karl Hanson, SE, PE
August 2021 

(The below text is from the original webpage)

Design codes have become so complex that preparing structural calculations can be a very difficult task. Gone are the days of doing calculations entirely by hand. These days, most structural engineers prepare calculations by a difficult juggling act using "black box" type design software supplemented by spreadsheets and hand calcs.

Today's structural engineers need to have a balanced understanding of both engineering software and engineering theory.

There is an emerging need for engineers to automate their calculations in a systematic way, providing output that is accessible for good comprehension. What structural engineers really need is an application that asks them questions and produces output similar to hand calculations. Something that is readable with graphics and is easy to use and learn. Ideally, we need a method that is logical, geared toward production and comprehension.

DCALC (*) was written to provide structural engineers with derivable results, allowing engineers the means to check, modify and understand automated calculations.

DCALC ("DesignCALCs") software was written by a practicing structural engineer as a way to automate tedious calculations. Years in development since the late 1980's, DCALC has grown to address the relevant calculations that structural engineers need. Each calculation has a project behind it, and typically have been used on many projects. Now available for Windows, DCALC  is a package of everday "hamburger" programs for getting your calculations finished and checked on time.

DCALC has the following new and unique features:

Click here to play animated demo (5 minutes)

For history buffs: What can structural engineers learn from the Revolutionary War?

"...It may seem counterintuitive that at a time when we know more than we have ever known, we think about it less..." - Author Neal Gabler, op-ed "The Elusive Big Idea", The New York Times, August 14, 2011.

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