DesignCalcs Updates

Download instructions:
  • After clicking above, you will be asked to "Open" or "Save". Choose "Save".
  • Save DCALC_UPDATE.EXE to a CLEAN FOLDER (such as C:\TEMP) Be sure that "*.EXE" is not removed by your browser.
  • Using Windows Explorer, find DCALC_UPDATE.EXE in the clean folder and click on it.
  • Unzip the files to the same clean folder.
  • Locate the DCALC icon on your desktop. Right click on it, and check "Properties". This will show the location of the DCALC directory.
  • Using Windows Explorer, "COPY and REPLACE" all the unzipped update files from the clean folder to the DCALC directory.
  • (Click here if you are having trouble installing DCALC updates on Windows 7/8!)